rOX is a non for profit organisation which main goal is to expose road offenders and to try to make road network more safer for all participants!


Cruising around the road network and observing

Through pictures, videos, description of the offence and details of the offender we report all that information to the police



Rules and offences

Non-motor vehicles

Rules and offences

Motor vehicles

Rules and offences


Rules and offences



Contact [rox@jus.cx ] to get more information about the project

 Send clips and pictures with clear view of the offence and the offender ( clear view of the number plate, car make and model, bike model, face of the person, location etc.) 

As much details you can provide as easy would be for the police to check and find the offender! 

We are all in this together! As much vigilant persons we have out there as safer our roads will be! Everyone knows now - We are watching! Follow the rules! keep our future safe! Or Face the consequences!